Dataface - About us

Dataface is a B2B consultancy specialising in data analytics, web services and cloud applications.

Our complimentary skill stack is focussed on delivering real-world benefit to your business. Our purpose is to help businesses become more profitable and improve customer outcomes.

We work with you to turbocharge your business, all with the power of data.

Leadership Team

Steven Sharp

Managing Director

Steven is a co-founder of Dataface and has over 15 years experience working with data and building applications, working in commercial, pricing and actuarial fields.

I've designed, built, and implemented software in a wide range of companies from small accounting start ups to large financial corporations, and work with datasets containing millions of records every day.

Marta Sharp

Quality & Content Director

Marta is a co-founder of Dataface and holds a degree in Forensic Pedagogy. Marta is responsible for the day-to-day running of Dataface and quality control.

We promise our clients a high standard of work, and I make sure that Dataface can deliver on those promises through a carefully designed framework and QA process.

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